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Every school is different and we don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. From the point of your initial enquiry, we will work with you to develop a custom package based around key activity blocks we offer. All BLOCKYBOT packages include:


  • Class interaction with a range of robot devices

  • A class set of LEGO WeDo 2.0 so that pupils can work in pairs*

  • iPads for your paired pupils to create and debug their code

  • All resources for the day

  • Focused, differentiated challenges with progression

  • An experienced education consultant


* To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for your pupils our maximum session size is 32.


Half day experience (up to 3 hours delivery time) - £350

Full day experience (up to 5 hours delivery time) - £450

Multiple days - we can offer discounts if you book a number of BLOCKYBOT day experiences, as follows: 

Two half day sessions (up to 6 hours delivery time) - £650*

Two full day sessions (up to 10 hours delivery time) - £800

Three full day sessions (up to 15 hours delivery time) - £1150

Four full day sessions (up to 20 hours delivery time) - £1400

* must be consecutive days in the same week 

​We accept payment by BACS or cheque

Travel Expenses


Bookings where the total journey mileage is less than 100 miles will incur no travel expenses. Travel with a total journey mileage exceeding 100 miles will incur an additional cost that will be confirmed at the time of an enquiry.


If your location is such that that our journey will be more than 90 minutes in each direction, we will need to quote for overnight accommodation. This will be charged to you at cost based on a budget hotel rate – again this will be confirmed upon you making an enquiry.

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